Spiritual Tech 16: Commentary on the Four Agreements

It is just as important to make agreements with yourself as it is to keep agreements that you make with other people. It may even be more useful in the long run because good agreements have a way building our confidence; and keeping the personal and social wheels turning meaningfully.

But what kind of agreements are we talking about? Well, a fellow named Miguel Ruis brought forward Toltec teachings that addressed this question very nicely. Let’s take a good look here and in the next few articles on this topic to find out more.

I remember making a personal inventory of what my world was all about when I was in my late teens. To my dismay, I discovered there were no ‘real’ people in my life; everyone around me in my world at home, in school and Sunday at the church was running some kind of pretense, manipulating everybody, playing a lot of really bad games. I was constantly on edge because these habits made it virtually impossible for me to figure out what it was that was expected of me and in those 1950’s that was critical understanding. Nothing was as it seemed, and I was always bumping into some one’s rules, their rage and anger about me or their wounded

sensibilities. Imagine the social upheaval that went on in my baby mind! Yup, I was a mess!
By the time I heard of the Four Agreements, I was in my 50’s. Once I read the small brochure that was presented to me, I realized what was missing and why it was my fate to always be off base and off balance around people. It really did not have to do anything with my loving and kind nature, nor did it have anything to do with politeness or compassion. This belonged in a slightly different category than personal or spiritual sensibilities.

The first agreement: Always tell the truth.
The second agreement: Always do your best.
The third agreement: Never make assumptions.
The fourth agreement: The Universe is neither for me or against me. It simply IS!

Briefly what we are looking at here are those particular agreements that I must make as and for myself that will allow me to interact with other people in any context with integrity and reliability. Interestingly enough, when I put these agreements to work in my life, a number of quite interesting things took place and I began late in life to relax about who I am; to be lighter and even funny.
Tune into the next few days and you will learn more.

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