Spiritual Tech: Agreements Three and Four

The Third Agreement: Never make assumptions

This one is BIG! You are going to discover that a great deal of what our lives are about in all kinds of relationships is about the assumptions we make about others and that are made about us.

There is a very simple cure for this very prevalent, very sad state of affairs. It is necessary to ask the question: How is it going for you today?

In my own life history, I was one of the earliest women I knew who left their marriages and their children behind, moving on to new lives. I knew I had no choice because it was not acceptable for me to abuse my children. In the early 1960’s leaving home was unheard of. My idea was that I got a really bad program and I was repeating it on my children. I knew I could heal myself whatever it took. I hoped I could return and explain what could not be explained at that time.

I worked out on myself but there never was a healing with the family that were outraged. From the first day to this one today, no one in the family has ever asked me, how is it going for you today? Over 50 years has passed, and everyone is still operating from the assumptions they made that long ago. They have chosen a very heavy load to carry around; all it would take to relieve their burden of all that bad attitude and stultifying self righteousness would be, even now, to ask me: How was/is it for you?

We can never know what another person is going through, nor are we easily able to tell about how it is going today? The most important part of this is to ask the question and in times of crisis, keep on asking the question in order to stay tuned to the realities of the situation and what is going on in your people.

The Fourth Agreement: The Universe is not against us or for us. It IS what it is!

The Great Universe is neutral. A metaphor to work with here is that of an extraordinarily vast data base that simply observes, and watches. It might well be a human trait to seek to personify what is our true reality and turn it to a Deity, especially one that is jealous, impatient and vindictive, as we might expect some super but no better than human type Deity to act. This larger concept totally trashes the way in which we have been told it all is. And how is it that we think we know? If some One person has said, if some organisation has informed us, if either of these is the case, it is not to be relied on. (See : Spiritual Tech 13 all about interpretations)

The only thing really to be relied on is your own experience motivated by your own internal agreement with yourself to ask questions, which leads us back to the Third Agreement.

I leave you with these ideas. You can find out more by doing the google on Miguel Ruis or on The Four Agreements. This is the basis of these articles, in fact, to cause in you your own sense of, “I need to know.” And that in itself is another story!



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