January 8th, 2019: Day 185: Birthday for a little Princess!

I have known my chiropractor now over 2 years having met him after I was side swiped by a truck in my wheel chair in 2016. He is a rare and very clever young man who has been blessed with a baby girl. Owing to those kinds of life experiences that come our way requiring our extraordinary responses, he is raising this little girl as a single dad. Of course, its not an easy gig even though there are certain perks that come along that make it all a lot of fun.

Our work together is resulting in a growing recovery from life long trauma. And, as well, I get to give back some Grandmotherly wisdom and happiness to my young friend. And this lovely little girl is a very wise and pretty thing all on her own self.

This is so big that it deserves a day all to itself. Let it be your days are as joyful,

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