February 7 and 8, 2019: Days 156 and 155: Better to be Friday!

The morning fun were those kinds of very lazy snow flakes that simply never heard of the law of gravity that float on the up drafts from the streets and swish out of the way of the flapping wings of crows. Then because they really are lazy, they disappear! It was the kind of cold flakes that do not pile in the streets. And then the whole spectacle stopped. Good for me rolling in a chair!

Thursday was a long drift while the body is still doing its recovery work with herbs. I am really thankful that there is no kind of gottas or haftas in my life. It could be a north of the border No Gottas, B.C. I used the day wisely of course doing some time on the street talking with my scooter buddy. You all know how easily the clocks slip their moorings on days like this. Sweet!

Friday afternoon my lady Sara came with her lunch and my cheesecake in a box of  yummies. We sat together for about an hour and downloaded a lot of the usual Seinfeld, ate something quite wonderful and went on the alternative end of the day. Our quality time is always fillingly fun and very nourishing for each of us.

Those of us at mellow age, like me for instance, get a lot of surprising insight into our world from our working younger buddies. We do what all the ladies do: we talk. And we get it all straightened out, too. Funny how now one is asking us how to do it! It was ever thus!

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