February 22. 2019: Day 141: Round about and round about I go

The daily round, the daily grind, the daily daily, going and coming and going becomes tedious. I tease those precious people whose j.o.b. it is to show up for us: the concierge desk in the lobby; inut  management who ask the cops to clear the front of our building of havens encampments for addicts; the Muslim man who wields the vacuum cleaner over the carpets in the building, the activities manager who devises evening social entertainment for any who wish to come and play; the garbage jockeys who clear that room down in the garage area of the startling load of trash that accumulates without out command over it! These people do their thing in a rhythm and with  an astounding degree of attentiveness. Oh, sure there are wages: but the kind of money that comes to them is nowhere near the value they are to our well being.

So: it’s Friday once again. For a sweet few, there is now the weekend. For some, Friday is their Monday or another day of the week.

Still I tease them: go home! They deserve a lot more time for themselves, for their spiritual growth, for their recreation, for empty time to be whole and well. I kind of like the idea that this gentle tease calls to their mind that their so-called free time is really about who they are beyond any kind of j.o.b.!

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