February 23 and 24, 2019: Days 140 and 139: Imagine this is count down.

What kind of world do you have before you? I’ve been counting down my days in a recapitulation of what the whole 29,061 days behind me might have been like.

There is something about all this that I will now relate to you that will put what seems like an immense span of time into a manageable understanding.

Here is the story! 

I am sitting on the sidelines of a tennis court watching two people play tennis. At the end of the game, they approach the net and begin a conversation about the game. While I listen, I write a piece for the local newspaper. Later people will read my account of the tennis game.

The question is: who knows anything about the game?

Here is the answer: Only the people playing the game know anything about the game. And, they only know anything about the game WHILE THEY ARE PLAYING.

As soon as they approach the net and begin to talk about the game, it is an interpretation.

The very best I can do as a witness is to interpret the game as I write the article for the newspaper.

The people who read the paper read another interpretation but by this reading they have only hearsay, they are a third party to what the game was about. None of this account can be admitted in a court of law.

Okay! What all this means is that you are reading an interpretation I have written about the memories of my life, even of the day or two previous that I write about today. Nothing you read can be interpreted as a reality, it is a hearsay account from my memory.

With this in mind, I really work at making what I write about not so much a “herstory” telling rather as a stand alone account of my interpretations of my experiences both from this time and from any one of those 29,000 something days that have gone before.

History is made by people doing what they are doing. The history books are all interpretations made from reports, documents, and memories; ALL of it is interpretations, ALL of it is varieties of specious, unclear, and probable prevarications – interpretations – which we have allowed ourselves to decide is real and authoritive. Well, sure: these are authors we are reading, but it is nothing like being on the tennis court batting the ball back to your opponent in the now that is forever and never was, all at the same time.

All those gurus are right to a point. All the books we read are only a little right. It’s important to understand the nuances in order to find some perspective in what a life, your life, my life is all about.

So, I write this blog account of what’s going on right now. You are reading sometime later in the same now. We exist in our own heart-mind: there is no out there, out there. It’s all going on in here and about the here where we exist.

Funny stuff: lots to ponder and to place in some kind of order for us to get! Not so easy, I think! It comes under the category of metaphysics. The way our world works has always been an interpretation which we create as we go along while we are playing of our own game of tennis.

Now, ponder this: how much of what we believe is what our world is now, of what it was in the past? Is any of it even a little bit real? Who was writing the stories: surely not the players in all those games. So who wrote the stories that we believe? Why were the stories written in the first place? And why do we believe them at all?

Bon appetit!

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