March 5 and 6, 2019: Days 129 and 128: what goes up!

When I go out to do all those actions we are calling chores, I often take myself on a cruise around our larger downtown east side districts. Recently I have been watching for the first signs of spring and was rewarded only yesterday. There they were a pairt of well planted cohorts each of them sporting their plumage of recently emergent tiny pink plum blossoms. Oh, they were only a hint of their earliest pinks, but I think my exclamation perked them up enough cause them more than a little pride.

Soon the trees everywhere will follow the trend of spring with unfolding green buds and with their swelling, the view there has been all winter of the traffic on sky train tracks, the two viaducts and on the down town streets below will disappear.

It is in this lengthening of the days and the slow rising of temperatures that body is following on with her own kind of strengthening marking the regeneration into a higher resolution of form and function. I notice that as I feel better, I am more likely to be motivated to exercise. Next step in my fitness regime is to make time every day to develop flex and use muscle.

It’s another kind of those never ending stories and each day is the first. After a month of therapy with Chinese herbs, body is motivating me instead of waiting for the mind to prevail. That is a terrific response because the mind has not been up to making any great changes in the sit around all the time non-action.

As the day ended, the cloud formations began to pile around the horizon. In between the layer lowering itself from above and the ground itself at the top of the rise over the Mt. Pleasant district, the coral pink of the red shift of the sun colored a sweet hue. I am personally reminded of those tiny old ladies in my past life as a hippy in Los Angeles when they told me the coral pink seen at dawn and dusk is about forgiveness. Always have a warm juicy feeling when I see the colors. LA was especially exuberant because the smog made the colors vivid!

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