February 26, 27 and 28, 2019: Days 137, 136 and 135: how the weeks do pass.

I notice myself through these weeks that I have been doing this count down. First, I really do not follow the calendar’s progression. It’s not at all very difficult to wake up on Monday morning and suddenly find that it is Friday afternoon again. This has been especially true through the winter period when body had begun her own kind of transition. It was not at all difficult to just walk and roll along through the days finding one day quite like the next, especially when all I had energy for was to blow my nose!

Then there is a break or two to keep me awake. My lady Sara brings her sweetness, her funniness and her big energy into my space and elsewhere to perform sundry needed tasks and to turn an ordinary day and those chores into lots of laughs. Oh, my that is a true perk especially when the rest of the time was very hard work for body day and more days than I would wish to remember, except, of course, that after all those days I am breathing a great deal more normally and that there is an option to dissolve the fibrosis in my lungs that characterizes COPD.

For an explanation: emphysema: lungs are like balloons that have been blown up too many times and are now flaccid. This cannot be fixed; often people trail around a cylinder of air to make breathing possible. COPD is fibrosis layering the lungs; it is a challenge to inhale at all deeply, oxygen is not sufficient to power the heart and it often makes it necessary for a wheelchair to ease that stress. Chinese herbs and other ancient therapies can dispatch the fibrosis and restore the normal condition of the lungs permitting full breathing to oxygenate the heart and all internal tissues. In a word: heal the lungs.

I’m about in the middle of the full herbal protocol and will continue when my friend and acupuncturist returns from Taiwan. I am fortunate: first, that I understand enough about Chinese medicine to know these methods go beyond anything Western medicine has to offer me. Second, I am in very close proximity here where I live to roll two or three blocks to primo therapy. And third, I have already built into body a high resilience to enable the therapy that I have available nearby. There is a lot of gratitude here.

So, the old lady is changing the end game of her life. I am silly enough to believe that the journey I have made for myself has some worthwhile insights to give back to my world. My much younger friends are validating that idea with me. They are encouraging me to write this stuff here and to pass it out into the world. I am motivated but it is their encouragement that is keeping me at it.

There are people in all our lives who really care. And what is the answer to all this: Thank You Very Much? Every time you log on to the Raven, you know there is a stat generated: that is also Thank You Very Much. I can tell you it counts very much. Keep up the good work!

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