March 1 and 2, 2019: Day 134 and 133: March winds and April showers.

Friday is rent day: the office and the banks do everything. I do not even have to even think about it. What do you suppose it’s all about if I’m sitting here writing about it? And the building was running on one elevator while new tenants moving in used the second elevator. It’s all a little mundane, trivial and it’s part of the scene all the days. It’s important enough to notice that Friday is rent day.

I also went up the town today in a more southerly direction on a quest for householder’s insurance. I have just too much good equipment to be untidy about this although it was easy enough to have been here 10 months before I got to it. I have my own kind of photographer’s eye to the territory where I am doing these ordinary things. It’s still a single stream of unique moments that each captivate my attention. This is a route I have gone other times and so now I have a kind of tape stored there so that I build a memory of the light and shadow all in the photographer’s art. Sometimes I think about a good lens!

I cannot just slip into any where unnoticed. The sign on BCAA said wheelchairs in back. A young man greeted me, and I slipped into the carpeted office. People who work all have a professional face to offer. Oh, believe me there are people in their clothes but we wont see them here. This is customer service scripting and perfect posture all the way. It is a lovely thing in fact, and they answered my questions and sent me off in the right direction for what I was looking for across the street. Who can know why they are there?

The other smaller office across the street became a haven. I do understand the principles of what it means to be in the business of taking odds on risk. It’s funny business and so it is essential to trust the person who is about to deliver the customer service. Well, this is the bigger world in action because the meeting we had while I was buying householders insurance was quite enjoyable. There were lots of very polite laughing. There was getting all the data sorted so that I knew what was happening and what to expect.  All those years in a van this stuff was covered by auto insurance. Same principle here but new rules and more money. It was fun and best of all I gave my hearty thanks to this very kind professional man. I always give abundant thanks, so needed by everyone so neglected by those of us who might be distracted.

Next day, wake up to an empty street below my window because the sidewalk crowd is inside or milling around outside the swap meet up on the next block west. It is Saturday. Brilliant day with dry pavement and crisply polished sunlight.

My lady comes to clean. This is a kind of magic that happens through the now here of our every day spaces. I meet her down stairs with the trash organized for her to take it to the trash room next floor down. We enjoy our company. She bustles and cleans. It’s uncanny in that she does what she does in about the same way I do these things. So there is a quite nice harmony within the gender culture that is common among women everywhere; as there is for men as well. And at the end of a short hour, I have my kitchen and the floors done!

I got on my jacket and fired up old Lizzy and off we went up Hastings west to visit with a friend for another short hour. It’s all the way live on Saturday Night!

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