February 25 2019: Day 138

There is light in the tunnel and it’s not a train!

Along with the Great Universe, body is very good at giving signals of either high function and quality well being, great energy and sound sleep or middle of the day fatigue even to just nodding off anytime, to sense of futility, and uselessness, vague despair, and various and persistent pain internally and in joints and limbs.

Sometime after mid-November my dear very mature body gave me these signals. I also developed a deep rumbling cough along with constipation, a ‘very bad cold’ in my chest. No energy. No spunk. Tired and fatigued and sleeping only a couple of hours at a time. Could not muster even enough to talk or to write a disaster especially for the Raven. If you noticed: thanks for patience. It has made a difference to me. I woke up one morning in January (about time, I was to be saying to myself) and finally using my brain to take myself to the Chinese herb store about 2 blocks from my door to talk Traditional Chinese Medicine, the herbal doctor. I have been deeply involved for about 50 years in many facets of all Oriental medicine including a great deal of Japanese and Chinese health science. This is the first time I have been in proximity to skilled herbal practitioners. Thank goodness and perfect time.

You know I have been counting down the completion of 8 decades and so it seems, that body herself was asking for some other help besides a really excellent diet and a daily ‘yoga’ of acupressure

An old Chinese doctor explained for me many years ago a critical truth of our world that impacts the entire 7-something billion of us and the ecosystems of the planet. This information continues to a truth not noticed or acknowledged. I listened and learned and continue to detect and understand many meanings, many implications of this tale. Here is what the Chinese doctor said:

“Before war was invented, we could sit at our back doors and look out onto the forests and the fields, we could see the signatures of the grasses and plants and we knew what they would do for us when we ate them.

Then war was invented. Everything changed mostly that we could no longer see the world as it was. We had to learn “survival” we had to learn how to heal wounds; how to bring children into the world in heavy pain, and how to survive the wars, how to protect our children and all people. We live in a state of survival even to this time. It cannot be known what we might have accomplished, these 7 billion few that we are now if we did not live in this state.”

This story has given a spectrum of understandings. For instance the lower frequencies of our ecosystems and our societies extends to the entire world for instance; I experienced the beginnings of the bad cold syndrome related to my life long lung disability half way through the winter season about mid November. I am fortunate in that I learned very early that I needed to know and was motivated to research, listen and learn. Its been an ongoing quest throughout my whole life. In this stage of growth, the need to begin a regeneration plan was up for its turn to learn.

I trust Chinese Medicine. It is in the order of 5000 years of accumulated knowledge and practice with billions of people. That’s a pretty good record.

I brought home packets of collections, herbal recipes for the specific task to clear my lungs, dispatch a bucket of mucus and deeply feed internal energy. Took a while to wade through those decades but now, approximately a month into herbs, I breath very well indeed. There is more to come. So this is a brief intro to some very useful, certainly important information that understood will give you a handle on what you can do and what I am doing to change the end game of my life. Somehow that idea has captured me, and I can tell you the excitement I generate with this keeps me at the blow and spit routines of healing, somehow, I can go with that. Turns out I’m really quite important to myself after all. So I’m going to give it to you in the Health and Well Being of this Ravens Medicine site. Please let it be you are to be motivated to be well as I have been since my early 30’s in the 1970’s. Thanks for reading.                                            

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