March 26, 2019: Day 109:

Don’t you just love it when you really do get it all together? There is a time lag between when the enormity of what must become and what there is to be worked on, and when it becomes possible. For me, doing these many days since November, it has shown up to be patient with myself and just not listen to all those conversations about what it takes to have a blog and a web site work.

There is a lot about a lot of work to do. I don’t wanna do it. I’m good to do what i want to do but it does not fit in those other conversations. Nope! And I am able now to simply do what i want to do. My energy level has stabilized through all the herb therapy and the rest. This means that there is a lot of catchup going on in these few recent postings. There will be more and it is my plan that you will like enough of what there is here that you will be intrigued to read more.

And to add to it all: i’m inviting you to bring your sharing to the site here. Please simply write me a letter about what you have in mind, what you are contemplting these days. It’s also useful to tell me what else you would like to read here.

I am going to be adding articles in the next short while that will bring up to date the Spiritual Tech and the Health sections. Vancouver East Side changes as the weather changes and there are articles coming about that as well.

This is our renewal and now let it be that you are ready to renew for the spring season as well. And, oh yes, thanks for making it this far with me.

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