The story of lost days: I am focused on the existencies of what it takes to be well and fabulous at 80.

One of those assorted perks that showed up in my life was in the abundant reading I did of Chinese and Japanese philosophies: specifically Tao Te Ching and the I Ching. I relate to the old man we know as Lao u (old man in his language!) This guy who rides on an ox and I might be friends!

A paraphrase: “Everyone in the village is rushing around doing their work, while i am wandering in the fields feeling vague and mysterious.”

I’m taking the old man’s advice: while I might be rushing with this site; I might be badgering my sweet webguy to do something; I might be crying out the days that are missing from the story, I might and I’m not doing that. I’m doing this as I sit in my studio living room in the early evening March 25, 2019, Day 110 I think! Shows you just how reliable it is to think!

I’ve said it before: I am healing my life. I’m an old lady in a wheelchair because from my birth in 1939, my lungs didn’t pump enough oxygen to my heart. Lucky I was with that until 2016 when I had pneumonia for the first time after coughing up a handful of the world’s worst black tarry goo. There were 7 weeks in hospital. And after this turn, I was wheeling the ‘hood while in shelter and now for a year in a rental studio space. I am on about 3 years after pneumonia.

The site came forward from the Journey of the Lotus through Mexico and Central America (2014 – 15), a friend redesigned it and we put our feet in the stream about June last year before my 79th birthday which would mark the countdown to end 8 full decades on July 5, 2019 when it will be my 80th birthday. You wanna party down?

The healing has taken my focus from mid November onward. In February I went to consult with the fine TCM herb Doc at Beiging Trading who works out the formulas that are part of an inventory that is 5000 years in duration. I bring the packets home here; bought a large stainless steel pot to boil the herbs; dump the large bulky package in the pot; about 3 quarts of water for a tea; it boils about half an hour; I wait for it to cool and pour it into a jug to drink through the day or so and then pour more water in the pot and boil a second time. And drink that one.

Those herbalists from the times of Ancient China, from about the mid-fourth millenium BC, have preserved for us in these healing plants the specific nutrition that our bodies need to live long and prosper, which is supreme wisdom for life.

Seems pretty amazing: the stuff is there in the pot, It even tastes pretty good. I can feel the fibrosis releasing itself from the lungs in the form of an almost endless cough born discharge of mucus. It’s been a blow and spit thing all the way, folks! It’s liberating me from the burden that pneumonia imposed and opening a possibility to have a hip replacement and restore me to walking as much as possible, (like on the beach)

and using the power chair to get around the town.

Whew! I trust this medicine. And I trust myself as well. I have a very productive relationship with a very good herbal practitioner. And my kitchen skills match the method to deliver the healing. I am engaged and so, not so often have there been articles about countdown.

The very best is how good I feel. Body heals from the depth to the surface so there was a very big two weeks when I did little else but cough and sleep and eat. Then as I went along the motivations to exercise and do computer work came back on line.

So here we are folks. I’m very happy that you have managed to hang in. Write in and tell me what you would like to contribute and what you would like to hear more from me about. And, of course, tune into the final part of the count down to the end of 8 decades.

I do not wait for the fun, I bring the fun. Play to Win!

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