March 29, 2019: Day 106: The end and the beginning.

I’m here to tell you, my friends, that it is a challenge to know how exactly to work out some of the issues of our modern life that can plague our social interactions.

I met a fellow traveler on the path of homelessness and various shelters in the city about 3 1/2 years ago at one of the those several shelters. He is a good guy, and he was a good guy. He was not really on the same path but when I encountered him he was pleasant and it was a good thing to talk and listen. He was doing quite a lot of writing of plays and novels so there was a lot to share.

Yesterday afternoon I got a text message from another of his friends to the effect that he was in St. Paul’s hospital which is a couple miles up and down the city streets. I made arrangements to go over there last evening. He is an older man and this was not his phone so he was seeking a personal conversation. I went out to roll in his direction while it was still light out there.

So, I went last night and I went again today to complete this transaction. It was my distinct impression that he had crossed some boundaries in hisof mind from which he could not retreat. He was good at the persoal level but not so good at a level of how to operate in his world. His conversation about a money making scheme simply could not work and neither was it anything that would be useful or wise to participate in. He was unaware of any of this in his own mind. He had some time ago relinquished his relationship with a coherent reality.

Following my own advice, I went again to say, Here are the results of the task to get in touch with your friend, here are your notes back, and please no, i cannot participate.

I came back to the building here to be greeted by a request from our activities manager to plant the apple tree and the clematis vine that we got yesterday at the nursery.

So, there were three of us, the activities manager, the maintenance guy and myself. The hole had been dug out and it took very little to lift the root ball from the pot and put it in the ground, cover it over, tamp it down and give a splast of water to settle roots.

All the while, we were bantering back and forth getting to know our various quirkiness and humor. Saved the whole day, in fact.

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