March 30 and 31, 2019: Days 105 and 104: It’s Always Something!

This is a classic line from a skilled comediene. But of course, the fact that we encounter these ‘something’s’ only too often, is the rest of the story of this day.

I’m a spontaneous housekeeper, no rhyme or reason in it! After the garden game yesterday, there were literal dirt piles on the floor and in the sink. Without a single thought, I put the burlap into the kitchen sink, turned on the tap and rolled away. About 5 minutes later when I gazed in dismay at my folly there was at least an inch of water over the entire left side of my room. It all began as a very big whoops!

Body got a supercharge of the great necessity to clean up the mess, Guilda Radner got her way again. This is funny stuff, folks.

Over the next hour, first I rung out a small towel to fill 3 half full buckets. I went to talk to the concierge and got the big mop bucket with the 100 pound mop along side. And my lady was on the pavement in front of the building; whereupon everything changed for the better. She came with her mop and the kind young gentleman came just in time to wheel the mop while I rolled along side. They had it mostly done, finis in about an hour.

Time to go on the original mission which was Canadian Tire gardener’s patio out front to check on bargains and the rest of the look of the garden which I have visualized as near as might be when the Great Mother is really the one in charge. Then, a do not miss while in this neighborhood, Wal Mart to find their bargain sized border panzies, pinks, a peony. This is fun stuff and my friend with a car friend is enjoying it as much as i am. This is more of the real stuff, folks. We can all thrive on this!

And at the right moment, later in the afternoon, my friend of very long standing met me at the local Irish Pub where the order of the day was a couple Guinness. Works for me once in a while. Lance, himself always works.

I have been in Vancouver, when, in earlier spring, it rained 90 days straight. Whew!

This Vancouver spring has been several days of clear skies and headlong rays of the sun warming the ground in the gardens and the pavements under traffic. So, I went out this afternoon to just roll around the edge of the False Creek waterway. I always have a good time because i’m always peering around corners. In a couple days there will be billowing charcoal cloud piled up and coming down in pockets here and there.

Today was a day of non-stop UV light, now the world turns us into darkness in about a half hour. The seagull mums are patrolling the whole area here rounding up the kids: get on home, you guys! They float in their clans bobbing in the corners of the harbor and Howe Sound waters.

I’m up 8 floors (maybe 120 ft.) so even though there is plenty noise in the form of fire and police sirens; voices of people on the streets are a hum with an occasion exclamation or even a song or two. Traffic is a song of many troubles humming in the heads of the drivers.

Another way to say this is that it is possible to do whatever you have in mind. I am fortunate to have been advocated to this interesting place, now growing itself according to the needs I have in my mind to fulfill that day.

It is so crystaline this evening that the whole city has been softened with the haze now being illuminated by the setting sun. The reflections of the light are on their way up the sides of the tall buildings. Some of the windows will reflect the sunsetting color cascade. You can tell I enjoy a fine view just far enough out of the street buzz or the traffic hum, or the occasional fireworks. I make the contentment I have here, and that is: thanque very much!

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