April 1, 2019: Day 103: Something about this day

This day always feels to me like some kind of anticlimax. I have a good friend whose birthday is this day. And of course, he has been the brunt of jokes over lotsa time. Still, he says, he is almost always caught off guard. And that makes the joke complete does it not.

So the day itself comes off as some sorts of funniness. It is one day when there is about universal foolishness which is a very good thing: all those people dressed in their perfect black get to kick up those high heels and laugh, let it be. Both the world’s business and its sundry government people get to tickle their fancies at least once a year. Although those elites always seem terminally serious about making war pay which is, of course, no joke.

In the beginning of my life, I was given a really bad program. Needless to say, nothing was funny! Then in my early adulthood, a couple of really good friends identified the program for me and supported my liberation into my own kind of quirky funniness. What’s the line: I never looked back.

One of the great geniuses in the world of crazy comedy reminded me once: it’s non stop comedy. And with that we come round the bush once more and decide to make a contribution to the missing looney tunes and merry melodies right here on the streets where I must go regularly to the grocery store, to the pub, to check out the gardens and greet the dogs and their owners on the streets. The wheelchair bound enjoy

a wave and a joke: “Keep on rolling, man. We will make it!”

The rest of it is that comedy is always a finesse of pain and pleasure: laugh and the world will laugh with you. And surely tears and grief, sadness and desperation are for lonely hours.

Laughter is medicine. And, although I know most of nothing much about you, I already know you are on board with a little laughter. I like it because the trolls and the grumps; the righteous and those who must always be right are completely foiled. My comment: Crack your face! You will feel better right away.

Works for me! Bon Appetit!

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