April 2, 2019: Day 102

The Activities Manager of the building and I have been conspiring to get the garden growing up on the third floor. It is a problematical space in that it is deep behind other taller buildings reducing the hours of any kind of sun to about 4. In the gardening manuals, flowers and vegetables, fruit trees and the rest need something like 8 and more hours. The small tomatoes that were planted last year did not understand: the grew and gave us a modest crop of red jewels.

It might be like Charlie Brown and the Pumpkin Patch on Halloween: the Great Pumpkin showed up with gifts of tomatoes, chard, parsley, and a small assortment of herbs. This year, people here each want their own plots to grow what they wish. And so, our manager and myself decided to work the three large boxes on the balcony and distribute the 20 small plots among the tenants.

I went with him and the maintenance guy in his car to Home Depot and together we gathered an offering of ready to grow pants and several packets of veggie seeds to start and plant, an apple tree and sweet clematis to grow up the wall on a trellis. The idea is a combination perennial and annual garden to grow over the seasons as a place of charm where people can hang out with the evening beer.

And I get to remember what gardens and the plant kingdom have already taught me while I both support my fellow tenants and give the building owners and management something to be proud of and to brag a little about.

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