April 3 and 4: Days 101 and 100: how it all works

I do my best from time to time to just back away from the confront ation of the days. The planet does her thing: she rotates on her axis and revolves around the sun: it’s altogether one day at a time. And, don’t you know it, when we waken in the morning period, there is the light once again. It has always made sense to me to examine myself on a few of those mornings, a simple contemplation of who I am this day.

In the middle of the unfolding weeks, here it is again Wednesday and Thursday. It rained a lot. Dirt in the boxes in the garden on the thirdt floor was soppy, meaning when I picked up a palm full and squeezed it, there was a enough compaction to make a couple drips seep out of my hand. When I planted some of the pots of flowers that had been purchased, it was necessary to loosen the whole area, put the roots into the ground and pack that already ready dirt close enough not to require any extra water. Close enough! And when I checked next day, the small circle of strawberry plants had already settled into their places and were looking very perky indeed happy to be dug in well.

If there is anything to wish for for those of you reading that know nothing much about gardening; plants are your friends, they will simply grow for you given adequate care and attention. They are alive and can become illustrious companions while you work with them. As a gardener for a fair piece of my life, I can report this large truth: you will never know all there is to know about gardening. Each planting brings a new surprise and a new joy and thrill that it all works so well. Lucky for us the Great Mother is in charge.. She gave the gardeners tomatoes to munch last year when all the garden books advice said there was not enough sun on our plots. We learn as we go and somehow it’s always enough. The trick is, I think, to remember so it rarely occurs that we get part way through and come upon what we have already learned as truth. This is a big idea about our own personal plots: mistakes are great ways to learn and its a gentle, if thorough, schooling.

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